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Vrye App + Branding

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Vrye: A Virtual Reality App for Designers

Branding + App design

Being Human: Visual communicators should rely on their natural human ability to observe behavior, be intuitive, recognize patterns, and construct ideas that are emotionally meaningful as well as functional. While nothing can replace experiencing context and interacting with people firsthand, the next best approach is experiencing a place and being informed of a person’s point of view by using immersive virtual reality technology. 

The Experiential Media: VR can aid designers in the observation process because the new technology brings similar sensory experiences to actual experiences. It can aid designers in the creation of personas because the new form of media allows designers to see a new perspective, helping them to better understand their intended users’ point of view. The goal of this thesis visual project is to present designers with a new application that helps them easily find VR content to be used as a research tool in their design process.

Vrye is an application that allows users to explore new places and better understand the lives of others through immersive virtual reality. Users are not only able to share and post their own VR experiences but also group, save and organize VR content in their own public and private content boards. The application is compatable with both smartphone-powered and PC-powered headsets. 

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