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Elvis Lives Newspaper + Poster

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This project is from graduate school class, Typographic Voice and Visual Narrative. The assignment was to create a newspaper that embodied a specific persona. I chose Elvis Presley, because so many people chose to imitate and take on his persona—it is estimated that there are over 85,000 Elvis impersonators around the world. 

Elvis is constantly being  copied and referenced in popular culture, which is why I entitled this project, “Elvis Lives.” The newspaper features Elvis’ interviews, and first accounts by friends, family, and his fans. Elvis’ life was complex and it is impossible to separate myth from truth. The goal of this newspaper is to show a less idealized and romanticized version of Elvis often seen in exhibitions and films in hopes of making him less myth and more human.

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Love Me Tender Poster 


I created the lettering for this poster by hand (with lots of hairspray!). The poster is inspired by the obsession surrounding Elvis' iconic hair. It features a letter written in 1958 by Elvis fans to President Eisenhower that reads, "We think its bad enough to send Elvis to the army but if you cut off his sideburns off we will just die."

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